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About Joolz

My love of Yoga started in my early 20s on my first trip to India and my first lesson in Iyengar yoga and learned how to meditate. In the early days, Edinburgh had a small Ashtanga yoga studio at the west end of Edinburgh, founded in 1998 by Nick Loening, who introduced Ashtanga Yoga, alongside Brian Cooper and Hamish Henry, to Scotland. 

I mainly studied with Brian Cooper and Nawa Jyoti when the centre moved to Marchmont. They brought the best teachers over back then, Richard Freeman, Graeme Northfield, John Scott and many more. In the centre, I was the yoga hairdresser. I cut all the yoga teachers hair and gave John Scott a trim! I was lucky to be at the vanguard of it all.  

I finally got my ticket to Mysore in 1999 and began my yoga studies with the founder of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. I loved practising in Mysore, the balmy heat and scent of jasmine, the sun would rise and I would get up, drink a chai and do my practice. 


At times I  ventured off through the side streets to find Acharya Venkatesha, I heard other yoga practitioners talking about him as a great teacher, I was really drawn to learn from him. 

In time, Venkatesh came over to Scotland with his wife Hemma, they had nuggets of knowledge that really inspired me to share with others.

In 2008 I became a certified CYS Yoga Teacher, training with June Mitchell. I was really in my stride, loving my new practise when, unfortunately, I suffered a brain injury in the same year, which meant I had to take time out and greatly simplify my yoga practice.

Venkatesh and Hemma gave me the amazing tools to help get me on my feet again, working on gaining confidence and trust in myself. I pass on what I have learned from these amazing teachers!

Julie's memories from India
Joolz in India